In 2002, Sultan Hamam evening service began with the wedding as m.prenses Textile and fabric types. M.prenses quality principles as textiles, keeping in mind customer satisfaction, customer requirements on time and the best way to respond to the sector has been one of the leading companies. Since m.prenses textile companies served the best way to many domestic and foreign customers are wholesalers and retailers. Enlarging the study period from 2002 to 2008 up to us every day in our company, we would like to better serve you with our 4 stores 4 store.

Our company bridal dresses lace fabric accessories for all domestic and foreign varieties of coupons, satin, taffeta tulle etc. serve in the best way with groups.

Especially overseas fairs season with emerging trends in the development of type and design quality within the firm captures the lines of the fashion world.

Our fabrics are manufactured within our company is our own production.

Our mother and the rest of the favorites of the new generation of brides are … Embroidered silk and French lace, and was submitted to the appreciation of the candidate point with kordenel varieties. The white color has never lost his eyes again Trend kamaştırık cream and a new review of the bride capiçino colors.

In the textile industry is committed to focus on customer success m.prenses Textile knows the importance of the human factor.

Our goal was accomplished with confidence while long-term strategic cooperation with the superior service we provide to our customers.